Put Some CBD On It

WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO - Displaying Black Excellence, Celebrating Father's Day, Using Cash App & Copping a New Apple Watch.

NEWS - Bella Thorne Leaking Her Nudes, The Pros & Cons of ProtechDNA, Decriminalizing Prostatution, Cuba Groping Jr., United Airlines Passenger Gets arrested For Masturbation & Pasadena Mail Carrier Gets Out of Line.


FUCKERY/LISTENER FEEDBACK - Ayesha Curry Needs to Fall Back, More CBD Talk, Cardi B Faces 14 Charges, A Survey Says That Women Prefer a Dad Bod, A White Woman Named LaKiesha, Nicki Minaj is Getting Married & DJ The DJ Takes a Veiled Shot at Reese's Sports Knowledge.

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