Y'all & Your White Hennessy

Montoyis & Reese hop back in the studio to talk:

-WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO- BBQ'ing, White Hennessy, The Montoyis Needed a Driver

-NEWS- Top Gun 2, The Increase of Beef Prices, The Polictal Duopoly, The World's Most Admirable Women, Miss Michigan Gets Uncrowned, Albert Flick Murders After Serving Time For Murder, Costa Rica Has a Liqour Crisis, Erica Thomas drama, Zion Signs With Jordan, NFL Training Camp Appearences,


-LISTENER FEEDBACK/FUCKERY- Venmo Scam, Nicole Murphy and Antoine Fuqua, Putting Your Kids In Private School, Lori Harvey Dating Puffy & His Son, Reese Gets Called Out on Sports Knowledge, Tay K sentenced 40 Plus Years, Meg Thee Stallion vs The City Girls

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