A Poly-amorous Throuple?

- WHAT WE'VE BEEN UP TO - Swapping out iPhones, The Fellas Trip changes again, The Montoyis kicked it a little too hard

- NEWS - Trae shows why he's The Truth, Why do Black Men pull out less?, James Alex Fields gets life for the Charlottesville killing, Kids continue to get separated from parents a the border, WNBA players complain about pay inequality, E. Gene Carol accuses Trump of sexual assault, 1 billion dollars worth of Cocaine was siezed at the Philly Harbor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders vacates her position, Has BBQ become white washed?, The Taste Bar review


- FUCKERY/LISTENER FEEDBACK - The CBD conversation continued, Chris Brown disse Black Women, The BET Awards Nominees and Winners, Mary J's performance, Nipsey's Tribute, YG gets pulled over on the way to the Awards, Willow Smith says that she wants a 3-way relationship with a man & a woman, Lavar Ball getting banned from ESPN, Tanner'elle let her boobs hang naturally, Floyd Mayweather's DJ got jumped, Jussie's video got released & More!