Doing Favors & Expecting Favors


Reese and Ashton Go at it for a Little Bit, Ashton's Uncle Handles THE BOMB Hot Sauce, We Had an F-45/Workout Argument,

- NEWS -

45 Says That Hurricane Dorian Could Hit Alabama, Should We Go To the Bahama's?, Is There an Active Shooter Conspiracy?, Where Does The Toll Road Money Go?, What Did Kevin Hart's Accident Have to do With His Tweets?, Mack Miller's Drug Dealer Gets Charged, Football Picks


Popeye's News Clip


Chill Chimes in on Brisket Nachos, We Put Ashton and The BYT in the Hot Seat - Are Gay Women More Aggressive than Men?/What If Your Daughter Told You She Was Gay?, Black Folks and Their Church, Doing Favors and Expecting Them in Return(Ashton and Reese Argue again), Nicki Minaj Announced Retirement From Rap, Malik Yoba Says He's Cool With Transgenders, We Had a Discussion About Abortion, Lonzo Ball Admits His Shoes Were Duds & More!

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