The Dave Chappelle Double Down


The Chicken Sandwich Fall Out, The Whitewashing of BBQ, Our Fantasy Football League

- NEWS -

Woman Dies After Setting a Speed Record, Sony Holding on to Spiderman, The Instagram Hoax, Your Kids on Social Media, 6 People Struck by Lightening on a Golf Course, Dropping a Bomb Inside of a Hurricane, NFL Player Comes Out as Bisexual


Rick Flair


The Return of Power, The DMX Challenge, Houston Chronicle Sneek Disses Comedian Ali Siddiq, Trip to LA, Leslie Jones Leaves SNL, Consequences For Approaching Celebrities, Paul Mooney & Richard Pryor Jr Rumor, Dave Chappelle's New Special, Eddie Murphy's Reemergence, HASBRO Purchases Death Row Records, Kodak Black Pleads Guilty, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Split, Questionable Meg Thee Stallion Video, Tee Grizzley's Manager Gets Shot, DeMarcus Cousins Threatened to Shoot The Mother of His Kid   

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